Brietley London is an exclusive network for lawyers and legal professionals. You’ll find our members in the most recognised and respected law firms, corporations and government departments across Australia, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa and Dubai. We network and converse regularly via our exclusive private member events and social media channels and assist each other wherever possible with the challenges of the profession, career opportunities and professional development.



Are you looking for a long-term successful career in law? Our network of lawyers and legal professionals are passionate about assisting and supporting others in their journeys. We have members located in law firms, corporations and practice areas spanning the globe, who are willing and able to offer exceptional advice and support when needed.


As a member of Brietley London, you’ll have access to a great range of member benefits, including:

  • Exclusive Professional Member Events
  • Social Member Events
  • Professional Training & Seminars
  • Access to Private Social Media Groups
  • Access to a Global Network of Lawyers & Legal Professionals


Brietley London supports its members with an exceptional range of career services, including:


  • Access to exclusive career opportunities
  • Access to our legal and recruitment employment network
  • Career mentor program
  • Career guidance, support & strategy planning
  • Legal resume & cover letter writing services
  • Legal resume & cover letter consultation services

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