Learn how to write a legal resume and cover letter specifically tailored for law jobs in the legal industry – Thursday, June 6th, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Limited to 10 people per session!

Legal Resume & Cover Letter Writing Workshop

Do you ever wonder why some people tend to have all the luck, while others get stuck in an endless cycle searching for law jobs?

Your resume is the first impression a law firm receives of you, what does it really say? Does it effectively communicate your strengths and demonstrate how your skills and experience make you the best person for the job?

If you’re applying to law jobs, getting little or no response and not being invited for interviews than this workshop is designed for you!

I work with the majority of top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms across Australia. I know what they are looking for when reading legal resumes and deciding who to invite for an interview.


Join me for a Legal Resume & Cover Letter writing workshop!



Prior to the workshop: I’ll personally review your current resume and provide you with detailed advice.

During the 1-hour workshop: We’ll discuss the key areas of a legal resume and cover letter and I’ll explain in detail how you present your skills and experience so that it matches exactly what the law firms are looking for.

Optional: After the workshop, we’ll have a one-on-one phone call and discuss your resume and career objectives specifically. We’ll devise a strategy to help you achieve your career objectives.


When: June 6th

Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Where: Delivered by Live Online Webinar

Tickets: Only 10 tickets per session (To ensure the ability to work with the webinar attendees)

For: Law Students, Law Graduates and Early Career Lawyers who are actively searching for jobs in the legal industry.


The legal resume and cover letter writing workshop is designed to teach law students, law graduates and early careers how to write a legal resume and cover letter that is specifically targeted to the legal industry.

I will teach you what key information hiring managers and legal recruiters are searching for in your resume and I will show you how to format and structure your resume correctly into a legal industry format.


Discounted tickets are available for Brietley London paid members (Student & Professional Memberships)





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