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5 Signs It’s Time to Change Jobs!


Whether it be in relationships, friendships etc. letting go and moving on and changing jobs is never easy. On one hand, you want to see what else is out there and spread your wings, on the other hand, you love the stability and question whether this is a good move. There are however some clear signs to look out for, here are 5 signs it’s time to change jobs!


Here’s a quick guide on what signs you should look out for to determine if it’s time to change jobs!


1. Constant negativity in the workplace

When you leave work for the day, you should be able to shrug off whatever it is the day threw at you and enjoy the night unwinding with your friends, loved ones, family or even just yourself but, if you carry the negativity your job served you up during the day way into the night, then it looks like you have a problem. No one deserves to be in a negative household/environment, not even yourself. Everyone’s allowed to express how their day went but if this is day in and day out and constantly recurring, your job is definitely sucking the life out of you.



2. You dread going to work

Getting up early in the morning, for most people, is not the most satisfying part of the day as we wish another five minutes of sleep went on for at least an hour.

Which best describes you? Is it;

(a) the idea of waking up to go to work is making you upset and fills your mind with dread 


(b) as you are waking up, excuses of why you can’t head into work today are being thought of faster than you actually moving

If you chose either of the two answers then I believe your job isn’t right for you and if you chose both, then I really, really, really believe your job isn’t right for you. 


3. The working environment is toxic

Work is stressful, but the people surrounding you should make it an easier environment. Support should be felt from all angles of the office. If you are dealing with bullying from other workers and/or higher-ups, rudeness, exclusion, isolation then removing yourself from the situation is the best idea. Work shouldn’t become an unbearable place. No one deserves any kind of harassment and if the incidents are not being resolved, then move on. Remember, if you do choose to move on due to workplace bullying, never feel inadequate or fill your brain with self-hate. You made the best decision for yourself.


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4. Your job does not challenge you

As humans, we must grow to become better people, especially better employees. You might be feeling that you aren’t growing or learning anything and that your current position will be the same for the next few years.  You might even be feeling that you were destined for greater achievements in life, and if so, that is totally fine! If you feel bored, underwhelmed, no longer challenged and each day becomes more mundane than the next, find a new job and get outta there!

5. It’s negatively affecting your health

No job should ever come in between you and your health. You live one life and being ill over a job shouldn’t be how you spend it. Everyone will feel emotionally and physically drained during their job at some point, but if your sick days are constantly piling up, there might be a bigger issue than just a runny nose. If your career is coming at the cost of your health and no improvements or resources are being offered to help, leaving is a better option than sacrificing your well-being. 



There are of course many signs that may be pointing you in the direction of considering to move on from your current job. However, it’s important to weigh all the pro’s and con’s and make a decision that’s educated and not emotionally driven. If you have any questions in relation to your career or this article “5 Signs It’s Time to Change Jobs!”, then please get in touch!

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