How to Find a Law Student Job Online


Applying for law student jobs online can be an arduous process. No doubt, if you’re a law student or graduate going through this you’re growing increasingly frustrated with this time-consuming process. Here’s a quick guide on how to find a law student job online!

If you’re applying for law student jobs online through the major job-sites like seek or indeed, you’re literally running with the herd, that is, you and every other law student is applying for the same limited amount of law jobs. This method of finding a law student job online is perhaps the hardest way to go about it, but there are other methods you can utilize to search and find law student jobs without the heavy competition found on the larger job sites.

Here are some tips and strategies on where else you can look online to find your next law student job.


#1 Law Firm Websites

Every law firm will have a careers section on their website, search for the relevant roles and apply directly. Ensure you follow up with the person posting the advertisement.

For tips on how to follow up your job applications:

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#2 LinkedIn – Company Pages

This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to find a law student job online, and we’re not talking about the advertised job listings.

Search for the law firms or companies you are interested in on LinkedIn and look for their company pages. Scroll their feeds looking for suitable advertised roles. Often, law firms will post directly to their LinkedIn company pages before paying to advertise on a job-site like Seek.


#3 LinkedIn – Connect Directly

Another great way to find law student jobs online is to connect and approach the law firms recruitment personnel. This process involves more time and research, but it’s a great way to find opportunities that are not public.

You can be very creative in your searches with LinkedIn, using a boolean search will reveal the people you need to connect with.

Some times their titles are a bit confusing, generally, you are looking for people with job titles such as People & Culture, Talent Acquisition or Recruitment in their titles.

What’s a boolean search?

A boolean search is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be “Talent Acquisition” AND “Norton Rose Fulbright”. This would limit the search results to only people containing the two keywords/terms.

Start by creating a list of the law firms you are interested in working with and reach out to the relevant people, connect with them and introduce yourself. Simply ask if there are any opportunities at the moment and if you can email your legal resume for their consideration.

Even if there are no opportunities, it’s a great way to build your professional network. Connecting with them also means any future job opportunities they post will appear in your news feed.

Important! Before applying for any legal jobs, it’s absolutely essential that you’re using a professionally drafted legal resume. If you’re applying for law student jobs with a bad resume, you’re not going to convert the opportunity into an interview, which essentially means that all your hard work is wasted.


If you think your resume might need some work:

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#4 Take It Offline

Don’t underestimate how effective visiting a law firm in person is for finding a student law job. This method requires the absolute most amount of effort, however, it will return exceptional results. Why? Nothing beats meeting someone face to face. Email and phone in no way will match meeting someone in person. Meeting someone in person allows you to use effective body language and verbal communication to influence, it also shows your passion, determination and enthusiasm towards finding a law job.

Make a list of the firms close to where you live, dress in interview attire and visit these firms. The best method is to approach the law firms reception, ask if it’s ok to leave your resume and to be considered for any current or future opportunities. It’s advisable to take it one step further by asking politely if there is anyone available for you to have a quick discussion with about your resume, you’re happy to wait. You’d be surprised how effective this is.


Look for law student jobs online where no one else is searching. Break away from the large job sites and avoid the competition. Focus on approaching people at law firms via LinkedIn, this will lead to better results and you’ll make some great new connections which can lead to opportunities in the future.

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