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How to Handle a Job Rejection?


Receiving a job rejection response for a job that you were really passionate about can certainly knock your confidence, however, you can use it as an opportunity to gain feedback and improve your job search and interview skills, check out our article on how to handle a job rejection.

With the job market being so competitive, securing a position isn’t the easiest task and the job rejection email seems to have become a daily notification. The little voice inside our head seems to expand when the job rejection notification “We regret to inform you” email appears in our inbox. It could be a process of applying and being declined straight away to getting all the way to the final stages and sadly, being knocked back. Either way, job rejection can be tough and your confidence takes a beating but, job rejection is apart of life and can be a great learning curb.


Here’s a Guide on How to Handle Job Rejection!


1. Don’t destroy yourself over it

Our brains are hardwired to pay more attention to the negatives than the positives which is why we start to attack ourselves and blow a ‘no’ out of proportion. It’s normal to feel disheartened but don’t let it get you down in the dumps for long. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on that job search. 


2. Don’t take it personally

You may have had a brilliant resume but someone may have had just one skill above yours. You can’t take job rejection as a personal attack or insult. Sometimes a candidate may have been selected over you because of the smallest detail.


3. Remember, job rejection is apart of the process

Very few people get the job they want immediately. This process helps build up the mental and emotional armour that will not only benefit you in life but also benefit you in your future career. 


4. Self-reflect, accept the outcome

“Maybe, it just wasn’t meant to be”, recognise that some things are completely out of your hands and let it be. 


5. Overthinking and overanalysing

Replaying a moment over and over again, the only thing you are going to cause is a night of worries and self-doubt. Constantly reliving the disappointment will only keep you in the past rather than moving forward. Think to yourself, “Yes, this happened and it isn’t what I expected but I must move on as negativity will not help me.


6. Ask for feedback

Contact the recruiter/employer to see if there were any particular reasons you weren’t chosen, why the other candidate was successful and how you could improve for next time. Getting feedback as to why the job rejection occurred can help you learn from this experience and see if there are any changes you need to make to improve your chances next time.


7. Self analyse and reflect

If you’ve been rejected a few times and seem to have no luck, sit down and self-analyse. Think, “what are the jobs I’ve been applying for, what are my skills, how can I approve etc.” Sometimes, when thinking to ourselves, the best answers are found. Take a pen and paper to write down everything. Expressing your mental thoughts physically via writing can really help. 

8. Improve your skills

If you are currently employed, see if there are any other tasks you can take up at work that will add bonus skills to your resume. It might be something simple but it could give you that edge over the rest of the other potential employees applying. If there is nothing offered at your work, look outside at interning or volunteering opportunities. Yes, the majority of the time they do not pay but the skills you develop are invaluable on your resume. 


9. Do something you enjoy

Focus on something else. It may seem like a simple task but getting your mind off the rejection for a little while can help bring back a positive mindset and have you ready to start job hunting again. Whether it be watching a movie, taking the dogs for a walk, painting etc. Whatever your favourite hobby and pastime is, go do it. 


10. Keep going, keep moving forward!

Don’t stop applying. Like everything, it takes time and persistence to achieve. Don’t let setbacks stop you from achieving your end goal. To quote Richard Branson, “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” 

Learning how to handle a job rejection is part of life, it’s unavoidable. Use it as an opportunity to gain feedback and improve your skills. Keep focussed on your goals and what you seek to achieve.

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