The Benefits of Working With a Legal Recruitment Agency


Navigating the legal market and searching for a new legal job can be a time consuming and difficult process. The legal landscape is broadening and is now filled with many speciality boutique size law firms which operate alongside the traditional and long-standing top-tier and mid-tier law firms. So, when it comes time for you to consider changing law firms, it’s incredibly difficult to know all your options and to choose wisely in alignment with your career objectives.

Working with a legal recruitment agency and leveraging the experience of legal recruiters who are heavily involved in the legal industry allows you to obtain inside information not only in relation to any available opportunities, but also quality information in relation to the different law firm cultures and working environments.


Why do candidates decide to work with Legal Recruitment Agencies?

There are many great reasons why candidates choose to work with legal recruitment agencies, but mainly, it’s because the legal jobs market is tough!

Here are a few other great reasons:

  • Unadvertised Job Opportunities – Many legal recruitment agencies have law jobs they are trying to fill that are unadvertised by the law firm directly. This can be for a range of reasons, but most commonly, it’s because law firms are interested in a certain profile of candidate and don’t have the resources to commit to constant candidate resourcing.
  • Confidentiality – Most legal markets are not as big as they seem, and the truth is, people talk. It can be difficult to reach out and apply for jobs at other law firms without risking the current law firm finding out prematurely. A legal recruiter acts as a great intermediary ensuring a candidate’s active job search remains confidential.
  • In-Depth knowledge of the legal market – Great legal recruiters have exceptional knowledge of the legal industry as a whole. They work with a range of law firms, know what practice areas are growing and perhaps what practice areas are contracting, they can also provide great knowledge of a law firm’s culture and working environment.
  • Career Progression – Working with a legal recruiter allows candidates to map their career paths. By partnering with a legal recruiter, legal candidates can access exclusive career opportunities that align with their career objectives. They can work effectively with a legal recruiter to take the steps necessary to achieve their career goals over time. This includes making strategic career moves at different stages of their careers.


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Why do law firms decide to work with Legal Recruiters?

Law firms who work with legal recruitment agencies understand that it makes better use of their resources. Here are some other great reasons:

  • Extensive candidate network –  Legal recruitment agencies and legal recruiters generally spend vast amounts of time mapping the legal market and tracking candidate movements. Brietley London as an example does not only assist candidates when they are changing jobs, they work with candidates providing advice and assistance throughout their careers. These relationships span over years often starting in law school. Law firms are able to leverage these relationships and access candidates who they would usually never be able to access in an open market.
  • Passive candidates – Much of what a legal recruitment agency does is maintain relationships with a passive candidate database. These are candidates who are not actively searching for a new legal job but are open to hearing about job opportunities that match a certain criterion. If you’re a law firm who is looking for a particular type of candidate profile, chances are a legal recruiter will have access to candidates that match.
  • Efficient use of resources – Many law firms underestimate the time and money it takes to source quality legal candidates. Law firms will often make the mistake of not calculating the total cost (advertising plus wages of staff, or loss of a billable lawyer while allocated to facilitate the recruitment process)

In-fact law firms don’t often realise the whole event can be a massive loss-making exercise if no suitable candidate is found. We’ve seen many law firms assign a partner or senior associate to the task when instead they could be billing their time to clients at $350 – $550+ per hour. If you were to compare the investment in time and resources as opposed to engaging a legal recruiter, you’d be surprised just how cost-effective using a legal recruiter actually is (considering also that most legal recruitment agencies work on a contingency fee basis meaning there is no expense to the law firm unless the legal recruitment agency actually finds a suitable legal candidate that is employed by the law firm).


What Makes a Great Legal Recruitment Agency?

Above all, an exceptional legal recruitment agency prides itself on quality relationships with both law firms and candidates. Only by doing so is a legal recruitment agency able to match the right candidate with the right law firm and achieve the best outcome for all parties involved.

At Brietley London, we embody the above principles and at all times act ethically and with integrity. We highly value the relationships with our candidates and offer a range of career services to support them throughout their careers. Our candidate relationships transcend a transaction and we genuinely partner with our candidates to ensure they are supported.

Our relationships with our law firms are true business partnerships, we strive to understand the requirements of our clients intimately to ensure that we are not just seen as a third-party supplier, but rather as an extension of their business which ultimately saves them money and resources and aids in their overall success.


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