Legal recruitment, done differently.

Brietley London host networking and career events and engage directly with members of the legal industry.

That’s why Brietley London are the largest and fastest growing dedicated and independent legal network in Australia.

We don’t need to find legal candidates, we already know them.

The Brietley London Legal Network

Legal Candidate Network

Active Legal Candidates

Passive Legal Candidates

The Right Fit

In most cases, we’ve known our members and candidates their entire careers, or a substantial part thereof. We’ve guided and supported their careers, we’ve invested in their success.

So when you need a candidate, we know who’s the right fit.

Active & Passive

Not only do we have an extensive database of active job-seekers.

Our career services team maintain an exceptional database of passive candidates who are open to the right opportunity.

Save Time & Resources

Have you considered the time, costs and resources involved with advertising, sourcing and hiring new candidates? 

Leave the hard work to our experienced legal recruitment team.

Fast Turnaround

We don’t need to run job advertisements. We already have access to an extensive and responsive. active and passive database of legal candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Brietley London?

Brietley London is an independent and professional network dedicated to the legal profession. We work closely with our members to find employment opportunities through our network, partnered law firms and job advertisers.

We constantly maintain a quality database of legal candidates who are both active and passive in the legal jobs market. If you are seeking to find quality candidates, advertising through job sites like Seek will only give you access to a narrow market of active candidates, only those who are currently seeking new opportunities.

If you are looking to find better quality legal candidates, then working with Brietley London will give you access to a much larger are targeted audience of both active and passive candidates, these candidates you will typically not have access to via normal recruitment channels.

Is Brietley London a Recruitment Agency?

No, Brietley London is not a dedicated recruitment agency, while we may offer recruitment services, this is an incremental service to our main business function. Our core function is a legal network which provides support and advice to legal professionals. We do this via a range of services, such as:

  • Networking events
  • Mentoring programs
  • Discussion groups
  • Career guidance and support
  • Resume and consultation services

It just so happens that our recruitment services trump the traditional recruitment agency model.

What makes Brietley London better than a recruitment agency?

We are first and foremost a professional network dedicated to the legal profession. We are active in the industry, we engage with all members of the profession and we have an extensive network.

We work closely with all members of the profession and our network extends to legal professionals who occupy a wide range of legal roles, such as:

  • Lawyers (all levels, graduates to partners)
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Administration and Finance
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Legal Assistants

As an industry network, Brietley London assist many members of the legal profession with career advice, strategy and support. We network regularly with our partnered law firms, member network and members of the wider legal community.

We also spend a lot of time with law students, graduates and early career lawyers both up-skilling them and providing them with opportunities to gain experience and employment.

Generally, candidates in our network are more commercially minded, understand the value of professional networking and personal branding, and know the benefits this brings to practice. You won’t find a recruitment agency investing this sort of time and energy into legal candidates, or into supporting the legal industry as a whole.

Our database of candidates are responsive, we know them better than a recruiter ever could. That’s because we network, converse and engage with each other regularly.

What is the difference between active and passive candidates?

Active candidates are individuals who are actively searching for new employment opportunities. Passive candidates are individuals who may not be actively searching for new employment but are open to considering new opportunities as they become available.

If you post a job advertisement on a website like Seek, you’ll only access a very small segment of the active candidate market. If you’re looking to find high quality candidates, the power lies within accessing the passive candidate market, however, chances are they are not actively searching job sites and are totally unaware of the advertised role at your firm or organisation.

If you’re trying to fill a position, doesn’t it make sense to shortlist from the widest possible candidate pool?

This is what makes Brietley London so effective at supplying high quality legal candidates. We communicate regularly with our members and network, and have a current database of active and passive candidates that we can access quickly.

Where is Brietley London based?

Brietley London is based in Brisbane, however, we work with the majority of top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms across Australia.

Is there a candidate replacement guarantee?

Yes, there is a candidate replacement guarantee on placed candidates. Please refer to our Recruitment Terms and Conditions.

What experience does Brietley Londan have?

Brietley London have extensive experience and knowledge of the legal industry. The core team come from backgrounds in legal practice, legal recruitment and human resources.

The recruitment team all have extensive experience in legal recruitment and have long established professional networks.

At present, we work with the majority of top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms across Australia.

Our Other Recruitment Services

Law Clerk & PLT Students

Do you need to fill a law clerk, work experience or PLT student placement position?

We have a free referral service for non-paid roles.

Junior Legal Candidates

Are you looking for junior level candidates such as paid law clerks, paralegals or legal secretaries?

We can advertise your role to our network and send you a candidate shortlist.

Graduate Recruitment

Do you need a Graduate Lawyer? We can advertise, shortlist and interview graduate candidates for a fixed fee.

Contingent fee payable only on a successful placement.

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