Legal Career Coaching – Individual Session


90-minute career coaching course. Fully customised to suit your requirements.

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Who is the Legal Career Coaching Program designed for?

Our legal career coaching is a comprehensive 90-minute training and career coaching program designed for law students, PLT students and law graduates who are transitioning into their legal careers.

Sessions can be conducted via phone or video conference.

The legal coaching and training is provided and facilitated by Brendan Copp, the founder and director of Brietley London.

Brendan has extensive legal industry, recruitment and career coaching experience, including management of a national legal recruitment agency based in Brisbane. Brendan has close relationships with many of the top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms across Australia and has worked closely with many lawyers and legal professionals at different stages of their careers.

Program Outline

The program is fully flexible and tailored to suit your requirements, we can focus on popular topics such as:

  • Career Consultation, Strategy Planning & Resume Review
  • Job Search & Application Training
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Networking & Branding

Topic Overviews

Career Consultation, Strategy Planning & Resume Review

We start by assessing your skills and experience to get an understanding of your short-term and long-term career goals.

We’ll conduct a detailed review of your current resume and cover letter and provide a detailed report. We’ll work with you to implement changes to make your resume more relevant and effective.

Job Search & Application Training

Comprehensive training on how to find and apply to the jobs you’re passionate about. We’ll show you how to access the hidden job market and find opportunities with less competition. The training ensures you have the confidence to make effective phone inquiries and follow up calls to increase your chances of securing an interview.

Interview Skills & Techniques

One on one interview skills training, we conduct mock interviews, help you with those tricky questions, giving you the confidence to clearly express your strengths and suitability.

Networking & Professional Branding

Building a professional brand and networking effectively is paramount to establishing your legal career. We’ll show you how to find and develop relationships with hiring managers, internal recruitment team and legal practitioners who can assist you in finding job opportunities both now and in the future. These same skills are transferable and will assist you greatly in demonstrating to firms that you are able to build a client base and referral base of customers.

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support and will assist with reviewing your resume and cover letter prior to any job application to ensure it’s professional and relevant to the position. We’ll also assist with interview preparation for any upcoming interviews.