Legal Resume Review & Consultation


Professional legal career consultation and in-depth resume review with a highly experienced legal career consultant. We’ll help you to dramatically improve your resume leading to securing more interviews!

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Professional Legal Resume Review & Consultation

At Brietley London, providing specialist legal career and legal recruitment services is all we do. We work with the most respected top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms across Australia, so we understand exactly what crucial information law firms look for when deciding to shortlist and select legal job-seekers for an interview.

If you’re passionate about securing your first job in law or taking an important next step in your legal career, then it all starts with a professional, well structured and correctly formatted legal resume and cover letter.

If you’re applying for legal jobs and receiving little to no response, chances are you resume needs some work. Our legal career consultants can review your resume and provide you with a detailed report of suggested changes on how to improve your resume. The service also includes a 30-minute career consultation by phone where we’ll give you relevant and practical advice on how you can achieve your career goals.

Hiring managers and recruiters will spend as little as 8 seconds reviewing your resume before deciding your suitability. If your resume lacks crucial and important information or if it is formatted in such a way where relevant information cannot be seen quickly, then chances are your application will be disregarded.

Our professional legal resume consultation service is the perfect way to ensure your resume is ticking all the boxes, giving you the best opportunity to make a great first impression.

If you’re passionate about finding your first job in law or taking an important next step in your legal career, start with a professional legal resume.

This Service Includes:

  • In-depth review of your current resume
  • 30-minute phone consultation to ascertain your career objectives
  • Detailed resume report provided with suggested changes
  • We continue to assist and give guidance while you make changes

Our Legal Career Consultants

  • Are highly experienced within the legal industry
  • Come from backgrounds in law practice and legal recruitment
  • Have the skills and expertise to provide valuable advice in relation to your legal career

How To Get Started

  • Add to cart and upload your current resume
  • Check out online and pay securely via credit card
  • A legal career consultant will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation time