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Legal Career Coaching

Resume help, interview training and job search strategies. 


About Our Career Coaching

Learn the key skills needed to find more job-opportunities, secure and ace those important interviews and transition into a successful career in law.

The Brietley London career coaching course is a 90-minute flexible career skills program delivered via phone or video conference. We can assist you with resume help, interview skills/coaching and general job search strategies. We’ve helped many law students and graduates secure the jobs they’re really passionate about!

We have exceptional relationships with many Australian law firms and know exactly what it takes to find and secure a job in law!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is career coaching important?

You’ve probably just spent the past 4 years’ at university completing your law degree and you’re about to enter the legal jobs market. Finding and securing a new job in the current market is tough and requires a completely new skill set.  How you apply, follow up and interview can make or break the opportunity. Investing in professional coaching and skills training can assist you dramatically, giving you the confidence to successfully enter the legal jobs market.

Why choose Brietley London?

We’re a professional career networking and legal recruitment agency. We’ve worked extensively with people from different experience levels (from law students to partner level) during the different stages of their legal careers. Our team have extensive industry experience and come from backgrounds in legal practice, legal recruitment and human resources. 


How does the coaching course operate?

The career coaching course is a comprehensive 90-minute program delivered via phone or video conference,  we’ll teach you job search skills and key techniques to help you interview with confidence, being able to handle all those tricky questions.

Who is the coaching course designed for?

This coaching program is designed for law students, PLT students and legal graduates. The course is designed to give you the necessary skills and training needed to find and secure a new legal job and to assist with a smoother and more successful transition into your legal career.

Can I customise the training?

Absolutely, we can tailor the program and focus on what you need help with the most. For example, we have many students/graduates that are confident to write a CV and find job opportunities, however, need specific help with interview skills.

Do you offer coaching/training after hours?

Absolutely, we understand everyone has different commitments. The training and coaching sessions are flexible and can be conducted outside of business hours. There is no extra cost for this.

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