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Specialised Coaching & Career Development for Law Students & Graduates 


About Our Career Coaching

Learn the key skills needed to find more job-opportunities, secure and ace those important interviews and transition into a successful career in law.

The Brietley London legal career coaching program is a structured coaching and development program designed for law students, PLT students and law graduates who are transitioning into their legal careers.

The full program consists of 4 individual sessions, you can book all 4 sessions as a package or select individual topics depending on your requirements.


Navigate the legal jobs market with confidence and clarity. Our career coaching is provided by legal industry specialists.


Learn important job-search skills and interview techniques to assist you in securing the jobs you’re passionate about.


Career coaching sessions are tailored specifically to your unique requirements and career aspirations.


We’re legal industry specialists and have an in-depth understanding of the legal jobs market and the Australian legal industry. 

Full Program Outline

  • Session 1: Career Consultation, Strategy Session & Detailed Resume Review
  • Session 2: Job Search & Job Application Techniques
  • Session 3: Interview Skills & Techniques
  • Session 4: Networking & Professional Branding Skills
  • Ongoing Support: We’ll continue to offer you assistance and support you on your career journey.

Session Overviews

Each session is approximately 75mins in length and delivered one on one. Sessions can be conducted face to face (if you reside in Brisbane) or via Skype if you are inter-state.


Career Consultation

We start by assessing your skills and experience to get an understanding of your short-term and long-term career goals. We’ll strategize a plan to help achieve your goals.


Detailed Resume Review

We conduct a detailed review of your current resume and cover letter, then provide a detailed report. We’ll work with you to implement changes to make your resume more relevant and effective.

Job Search & Application Techniques

Comprehensive training on how to apply to the jobs you’re interested in. Most importantly, we’ll teach you the system and skills needed to follow up your applications with professionalism, increasing your chances of an interview.

Interview Skills

The most crucial stage of the job seeking process – the interview. In this session, we cover key interview skills and responses to those tricky questions. We go through a series of practice interviews to prepare you for the real thing. 

Networking & Branding

Access the hidden job market through networking. We’ll teach you how to be an effective networker using platforms such as LinkedIn to find the right people and build valuable relationships.

Review / Open Session

There’s a lot of content to take in over the previous 4 weeks. In the final session, we summarize the previous weeks training and work with you on any areas you would like to revise.

Legal Career Coaching Packages

Full Coaching Course

Structured Legal Career Coaching
Complete Course, Sessions 1-4
Complete Sessions As Needed
One on One Training
During of After Business Hours
Ongoing Support

Individual Sessions

Structured Legal Career Coaching
Choose one session (75 mins)
One on One Training
During of After Business Hours
Ongoing Support
** Most Popular: Interview Coaching & Techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is career coaching important?

You’ve probably just spent the past 4 years’ at university completing your law degree and you’re about to enter the legal jobs market. Finding and securing a new job in the current market is tough and requires a completely new skill set.  How you apply, follow up and interview can make or break the opportunity. Investing in professional coaching and skills training can assist you dramatically, giving you the confidence to successfully enter the legal jobs market.

Why choose Brietley London?

We’re a professional career networking and legal recruitment agency. We’ve worked extensively with people from different experience levels (from law students to partner level) during the different stages of their legal careers. Our team have extensive industry experience and come from backgrounds in legal practice, legal recruitment and human resources. 


How does the course operate?

The career coaching course is a comprehensive career skills and development program that will teach you the key skills needed to be an effective job-seeker and a more competitive legal candidate. The full program consists of 4 sessions and can be completed as you require (during or after business hours). You can also book individual sessions if there is a particular topic or area you would like coaching on. The sessions can be delivered face-face, by phone or video conference.

Who is the coaching course designed for?

This coaching program is designed for law students, PLT students and legal graduates. The course is designed to give you the necessary skills and training needed to find and secure a new legal job and to assist with a smoother and more successful transition into your legal career.

Do I have to do the sessions in order?

You can complete the sessions in any order you wish, and at a time that’s convenient for you. For example, we often have law students and graduates book the interview skills and technique training prior to attending an upcoming interview. 

Do you offer coaching/training after hours?

Absolutely, we understand everyone has different commitments. The training and coaching sessions are flexible and can be conducted outside of business hours. There is no extra cost for this.

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