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Expert review of your legal resume & professional career consultation.


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Professional Legal Industry Experts

Being noticed in today’s highly competitive legal jobs market leaves no room for error. Give yourself the best opportunity possible of finding and securing a new law job by ensuring your resume is at it’s absolute best!

Legal Industry Specialists

Our expert team of resume consultants and career coaches have extensive legal industry experience and are based right here in Australia.

Resume Review

Our professional legal resume consultants will review your resume and provide a detailed report of the suggested changes.

Career Consultation

Receive a 30-minute phone consultation and strategic planning session. We’ll work with you to ensure your resume aligns with your career goals.

Don't Miss An Opportunity

If you’ve been applying to law jobs lately, we don’t need to remind you, it’s tough! Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity by using a poorly structured and written resume. We can provide expert and accurate legal resume advice to help you stand out and be noticed!

How It Works

Order Online

Place your order online and upload your resume at checkout. If you don’t have your resume on hand you can email it to us afterwards.

Phone Consultation

A legal resume specialist will contact you to conduct your career phone consultation. During this time we will discuss your skills, experience and career aspirations.


Detailed Report

After completing your career phone consultation, our legal resume team will provide a detailed report which includes suggested changes to your legal resume.


Final Review

We’ll discuss the suggested changes with you. After you have implemented any changes, we’ll review your new resume to ensure you’re on track!

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About Our Legal Resume Consultants


  • Australian based, with extensive experience in the legal industry.
  • Legal industry backgrounds – legal practice, human resources and legal recruitment.
  • Extensive knowledge of the legal industry, including the law firms and practice areas.
  • Can provide accurate advice in relation to the current legal jobs market and relevant opportunities.
  • Have an extensive network of legal industry contacts and will offer referral where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Brietley London?

Brietley London is a specialist legal recruitment agency and professional legal career network. We have a specialist team of legal recruiters, career coaches and resume writers who are able to offer in-depth knowledge of the legal industry.

Where are you based?

Brietley London is based in Brisbane, Queensland. We work with law firms, organisations and legal candidates/jobseekers from across Australia – isn’t technology great!


Do you work in other industry specialisations?

We’re legal specialists, we don’t work in any other industries. Brietley London and our dedicated team are 100% focused on the legal industry and generating positive outcomes for our clients and customers.

How long does the service take?

After placing your order, within 24 hours a consultant will contact you to book your career consultation. After which, we will start work on your detailed resume report. The total time for completion takes approximately 2-3 days from the time you place your order.

What experience does Brietley London have?

Brietley London has extensive experience and knowledge of the legal industry. The core team come from backgrounds in legal practice, legal recruitment and human resources.

We work with the majority of top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms across Australia.

Is the site secure?

Absolutely, the website uses SSL to encrypt your information. Our credit card payment processor stripe also encrypts all transaction information.

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