As a law student or recent law graduate, transitioning into legal practice can be very difficult.

The Brietley London Student Mentor Program is the ultimate opportunity to gain invaluable insight into the legal profession.

Did you know, students and people in general who have mentors achieve greater success than their peers who do not. Statistics show they earn more, are promoted more often, gain greater experience and achieve greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

 Unlock your future career in law with the Brietley London professional mentor program.


  • Pairing with a highly qualified and experienced legal mentor
  • Gain invaluable insight into the legal profession and receive practical advice in relation to legal study, careers, legal practice or any topic law related
  • Network and meet new professional colleagues
  • Possible opportunities for employment, work experience, clerkships and volunteering


  • To help law students and graduates create meaningful relationships with senior colleagues in order to help reduce and overcome barriers of entry to the legal profession
  • To promote openness and a positive and rewarding experience for both the mentee and mentor
  • To provide support and advice throughout the mentor program

Who is eligible to join the program?

Active Student Members of Brietley London who are:


  • Law graduates; or
  • Current students of an Australian University completing a recognised law degree; and
  • Completed at least one year of study with a pass minimum GPA

Basic Program Outline

  • 3 sessions run annually, each lasting 12 weeks 
  • One on one pairing with an experienced senior lawyer
  • Regular communication agreement – In-person, phone, skype, email etc
  • Other responsibilities and duties as agreed

Student Members

Current student members of Brietley London, please access the program registration page below.

Please contact member services if you are unable to access the page.

Not yet a member of Brietley London?

To access the Legal Student Mentor Program registration you must be a current Student Member of Brietley London.

If you are subscribed as a Basic Member (Free membership subscription) you will need to upgrade to a Student Membership via the Memberships page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paired with a Mentor?
After you are accepted into the program you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete asking what you would like to achieve from the program. Based on your preferences you will be matched with a suitable mentor. The questionnaire becomes the basis for the mentor agreement which outlines the duties and responsibilities for both the mentee and mentor.


How do I communicate with my Mentor?
There are many effective ways in which you can communicate with your Mentor. While it’s always beneficial to meet whenever possible in person, other responsibilities and commitments may make doing so challenging. You can agree to communicate with your mentor whichever way is practicable, this can be done through a range of effective means such as phone, skype or email.

We recommend you try to meet monthly in person and communicate weekly via other means.


Can I expect to gain employment from the program?
While the objective is not to secure employment for the mentee, opportunities certainly do present themselves. This can be in the form of employment or work experience such as legal clerkships. Discuss with your mentor the objectives you would like to achieve from the program.
What are some things my Mentor can assist me with?
Your Mentor can help assist you with most things related to the legal industry. In particular, your mentor can offer you career advice, critique your resume and may be able to assist with professional networking opportunities.
What duties and responsibilities can my Mentor ask of me?
When meeting your Mentor for the first time you should discuss the objectives you would like to achieve from the program. This could include certain skills you would like to improve. As a result of those conversations, your Mentor may ask you to complete small tasks to help you brush up on the skills you’ve indicated you would like to improve. This could include tasks such as legal drafting or research.
Will there be a Mentor in my location?
We have registered mentors in most major and large cities across Australia.

We are actively growing the mentor program and new mentors are joining each day. If you are from a more remote location or if there are limited mentors based physically in your area we will endeavour to find you a suitable mentor. The use of Skype and other forms of video conferencing will allow you to build a valuable relationship with a mentor and gain invaluable experience from the program.

What happens after the program is finished?
After the 12-week formal mentor program is completed many mentees and mentors continue to communicate regularly. Most relationships evolve into a genuine long-term professional relationship. Your mentor can become a great long-term source of advice and can be a great professional reference for future employment opportunities.